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A unique tech experience

Digital Arts Lab

How can art push the boundaries of tech – And how can tech push the boundaries of art?

During a two-day interactive exhibition at, outstanding international artists invite you to experience their latest works and dive into new perceptions of art.

Details regarding the Digital Arts Lab of 2023 will follow soon.

Explore STATION Berlin

STATION Berlin is known for its excellent accessibility, size, facilities, and protected architecture which make it a national and international hotspot for trade fairs, congresses, events, and organizations. It is not only home to established events but also an incubator for new and innovative concepts.
The history of STATION Berlin begins in 1875 with the opening of the Dresden Station. Later, the site served as a mail station, supplying Berlin with goods from around the world for over 90 years. During the division of Germany, the station was of great importance.
Explore the eventful past of this unique location during your visit at and experience future tech first-hand at the exhibition booths.

Guided Tours

You will get the chance to particpate in topic specific tours through the venue meeting and connecting with experts from all over the world.


The MONOM is a state of the art spatial sound studio. Through 48 omnidirectional speakers and 9 subwoofers, MONOM's artists create a once-in-a-lifetime soundscape open to all visitors of the business festival.

Club Night

Following the footsteps of Berlin's legendary club culture, sets by world-famous DJs such as Caleesi ensure an unforgettable first evening of

Club night