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ixi – Byrke Lou

ixi is a sculpture as a walkable, virtual space. It is built by translating two hyperspaces into two 3-dimensional virtual objects. The hyperspaces are part of current (2020) research into the "theory of everything"; physicists' search for a unified theory, which describes why and how the universe and everything within it works the way we find it to work. ixi was produced by Byrke Lou. The initial version of ixi by Byrke Lou was realized in the framework of "CTM 2021 - Transformation". It was co-produced by CTM Festival.

About the artist

Artist and physicist Byrke Lou examines how we build the future. She analyzes the impact of science, technology, and society on our future world.

ixi by Byrke Lou

ixi’s hyperspaces stem from current research into the theory of everything, which would explain the fundamental rules our universe operates on. ixi reflects on the question of how we conceptualize and construct virtual and physical space.

Byrke Lou

Resolution - Hrafnkell Sigurðsson

Telescopes like the Hubble Space Telescope allow us to take a look back in time, observing galaxies whose light has travelled the universe for millions of years before reaching our research bases. In Resolution, Hrafnkell Sigurðsson zooms deeply into the pitch-black spaces inbetween galaxies and uses photo manipulation software to make visible colours and shapes that otherwise would not be discernible.

About the artist

Sigurðsson's work revolves around the contrast between natural spectacles and human culture, how the two are intertwined and influence each other. Between taking an honest look at the harmful doings of humans on earth and creatively exploring the outer rims of the known universe, decades of experience in photography allow him to express his very own reality.

Resolution by Hrafnkell Sigurdsson

 The premise of this work lies in an extremely vague idea, more of a feeling, which was at the same time inscrutable, dark and deep.

Hrafnkell Sigurðsson

Subterranean Matters - Paulina Greta

Over the course of billions of years, a stone's surface collects traces of its ever-changing surroundings. For Subterranean Matters, these surfaces were scanned, digitalised, and then magnified into virtual environments that can be explored in VR. Immerse yourself in what usually would be invisible to see with the human eye.

About the artist

Subterranean Matters is a collaborative artistic research and VR experience made by Baris Pekcagliyan, Warja Rybakova, Paulina Greta and Nayeli Vega. They investigate through the lens of new technologies the land, the soil and the infrastructures. Themes regarding time, memory and human impact are their main topics of interest.

Subterranean Matters - Paulina Greta

The research underpinning this VR piece is revolving around the exploration of time, memory, and human impact on the land, through stones with a non-human perspective as the main point of view.

Paulina Greta

SOLARIS - Riccardo Torresi x Mintbase

Solaris is an artistic approach to make tangible both geomagnetism and the effects of occurrences in outer space. The project visualises solar winds and their hidden effects on the Earth's magnetic field in real time.

About the Artist

Riccardo Torresi incorporates a creative approach into space research. He uses highly specialised research equipment to create a play of light and audio. For, Torresi collaborates with Mintbase to create an NFT based on real-world data captured during the event.

Ricardo Torres NFT

The intention is to recreate a parallel between Earth and outer space reversing causes and effects: the geomagnetic noise is here the driving impulse instead of being the effect.

Riccardo Torresi