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02 May 2022 Partner

The Anatomy of a Subscription Business

Digital Transformation
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From e-commerce to healthcare, the world of subscription-based businesses has flourished in the last two years, and it’s only just the beginning. It’s not just new businesses that are emerging in the market, but established organisations that you wouldn’t typically associate with a subscription-based model, who have harnessed an opportunity to grow, enhance, and future-proof their organisations by thinking differently.

"The as-a-service model gives businesses more room to be agile with their offering and provides more touchpoints to understand customers."

In their three-part series The Anatomy of a Subscription Business, our platinum partner keylight depicts how subscription models influence physical products and services and how they can be implemented into existing business models.

Part One recounts the rise of the subscription-based models, how they help to gain key customer insights and how subscriptions improve sustainable customer-business relationships.

Part Two explains the synergy between subscriptions and the Internet of Things, two aspects of Digital Transformation that have the potential to grow together.

Part Three takes a deeper look into the world of digitalised healthcare and fitness markets, where intelligent subscription management drives convenience for user and providers alike.