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14 Jul 2021

Anna Alex and July


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Discover more about corporate sustainability and other green perks in July's issue:

  • A deep dive into making businesses climate neutral with Anna Alex's digital solution Planetly
  • Our fav news on sustainability in these industries: aerospace, fishing, automobile
  • Changes in leadership that came surprisingly: IBM, Deutsche Bahn, Tata Motors


A digital deep dive with Anna Alex – Summary 

Anna Alex

Meet Anna Alex, Founder and CCO of Planetly, a technology company that develops digital tools to analyse, reduce and compensate their CO2 emissions. Their main goal is to make the world of business climate neutral.


Anna believes that data and technology have what it takes to help companies learn more about their CO2 footprint - by gaining self-transparency, this footprint can then be reduced effectively. In our interview with her, we are digging deeper into this topic and how her company Planetly makes corporate sustainability achievable.

First, we went a bit deeper into the main problem that companies face when it comes to climate change. In a nutshell, Anna says, that it's the complexity of the topic, the existing respect for necessary changes or leaving one own's comfort zone, and uncertainty, which is reinforced by the current jungle of required certificates and seals. One common pitfall for companies that want to become more sustainable is that there is a lack of transparent communication as well as underestimating the complexity in value chains.

Anna's company Planetly helps in so far as it enables companies to calculate, reduce, and offset their carbon footprint based on international carbon accounting standards. With the help of Planetly's intelligent software, the data collection process is fully automated to analyze CO2 emissions continuously and in real time. Based on real data as well as intelligent benchmarks, Planetly's software identifies emission hot spots and suggests feasible measures to sustainably reduce the carbon footprint. 

Lastly, we asked Anna who she would love to talk to about climate protection. The answer is Joe Biden and Xi Jinping as they are both world power leaders that need to push for more climate action in order to achieve net zero on the planet.


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Fancy some more news about sustainability?

  1. „Startups to accelerate sustainable innovation at Barcelona Airport". Five start-up companies have been brought in from across the globe to operate out of the airport’s control tower to design projects and technology to improve the airport’s infrastructure and harness customer experience. Find out more here
  2. „Blockchain tech might turn the tide for sustainable fishing". Blockchain gives toothfish traceability right from the start - meaning people can just scan a barcode and the whole supply chain story is right in front of them. Blockchain tags contain valuable information because it's digital, decentralised, and updated in real-time. Read more about this here.
  3. „Car brand Opel to exclusively sell electric vehicles by 2028“. German carmaker Opel states that it would stop producing cars with internal combustion engines in Europe by 2028, focusing more on reaching its greening targets to shift selling electric vehicles. Read more here.

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Deutsche Bahn hires new board member: 47-year-old Daniela Gerd tom Markotten 

Daniela Gerd tom Markotten

Daniela Gerd tom Markotten is replacing Prof Dr Sabina Jeschke as member of board on September 15 2021. She will be responsible for digitalisation and technology at Deutsche Bahn.

Find out more about her new role here.


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