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07 Jan 2020

Bitkom on the interim report of the AI Enquete Commission Partners

Bitkom President Achim Berg comments on the Bundestag debate on the interim report of the Enquete Commission "Artificial Intelligence":

"With regard to artificial intelligence, after today's debate we must start implementing it tomorrow. We must not wait until we have written down all the wise and important ideas. The interim report of the AI Enquiry Commission, which is being debated by the Bundestag today, offers many starting points where we can start with the implementation immediately, for example with the proposals for the use of AI in health care. These include, as proposed by the experts, improving the availability of data for research, for example by standardising data protection for the health sector and establishing a national health care register. In addition, approval procedures must be adapted so that new technologies can be used more quickly and at least temporary reimbursement of costs is possible in a test phase.

Germany cannot promote artificial intelligence in its entirety. Soon there will hardly be any applications in IT that cannot be attributed to AI. We must therefore focus on areas of outstanding importance, such as medicine. Just as we are the world leader in computer tomography today, we must become the leader in AI-supported diagnostics and therapy in the future. And just as we supply the world with transmissions and drive trains today, we will have to supply it with AI-based control centers for autonomous vehicles and autonomous aircraft in the future.

The work of the AI Enquiry Commission makes an important contribution to bringing know-how about this crucial future technology into politics. But accelerators are at least as important as consultants. More speed is the order of the day."