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22 Jun 2023 Announcement

Global Space: The world is a network

Global Space

Digitalisation makes cooperation increasingly important. Promoting dialogue at an international scale and sharing best practices are crucial to upskill, seize new opportunities, and broaden one's perspective.   

Knowledge transfer, innovation, and collaboration across borders ultimately strengthen economies, create jobs, and foster intercultural understanding.  

In our dedicated Global Space Area, public authorities and organisations from different parts of the world come together to discuss global issues and give their answer to it, be it on stage or on the showgrounds. 

As a participant you have the chance to experience tech ecosystems from Europe and beyond and to expand your international network. Norway and the UK will give us a sneek peek into what the future holds for us. In addition to the two countries, smart cities like Hong Kong and Berlin will also present themselves together with local organisations and tech initiatives. 
You are invited – the world is a network at!