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28 Feb 2023 Announcement

Jasmin Hasel Takes Audiences on a Visual Effects Journey at #hubberlin23

Jasmin Hasel

Scanline VFX's Vice President, Executive Producer and European Operations, Jasmin Hasel, will be taking audiences on a journey through the world of visual effects at the upcoming #hubberlin23 event. With over 80 credits to her name, including high-profile projects such as the latest Star Wars series, Netflix's Stranger Things, The Batman, Eternals, Birdbox, and Transformers, Jasmin will share her extensive experience in bringing beloved characters to life on screen.

Jasmin has been an integral part of Scanline VFX for over 14 years, starting as a Visual Effects Producer in the Munich studio in 2008. She has since played a significant role in opening the company's Stuttgart and London locations and currently oversees the management of Scanline's three European locations while cultivating new business within the global VFX market and strengthening existing client relationships.

Furthermore, her career in the industry began as an editor and director for a weekly late-night show at a German television station. She later returned to studying, specializing in VFX at a German film school, where she discovered a medium that combined her technical background with her love for the creative.

Jasmin's notable achievements include being the Executive Producer on season 8 of HBO's Game of Thrones, which garnered Scanline an Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Visual Effects as well as a Visual Effects Society Award for Outstanding Created Environment. She was also the Executive Producer for Stranger Things 3, which received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Special Visual Effects.

She is a member of the Visual Effects Society, the Deutsche Filmakademie, and a board member of Animation Media Cluster Region Stuttgart. Audiences at #hubberlin23 are sure to be in for an exciting and informative session as Jasmin shares her experiences in the VFX industry.