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22 Jun 2021

Miriam Wohlfarth and June


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  • a short interview with FinTech founder Miriam Wohlfarth
  • some pearls of recent finance news
  • disruptive sessions from last week's Digital Finance Conference 2021
  • interesting corporate changes to feed your conversation-starting repertoire


A digital deep dive with Miriam Wohlfarth – Summary 

Wohlfarth of RatePAY

Miriam is the founder and managing director of RatePAY, a white-label payment solution. It made her a well-known figure in the FinTech scene and turned her into a role model for many young finance enthusiasts. On top of that, she recently co-founded Banxware, a service that easily embeds financial services onto any business's platform. 


In the interview we conducted with Miriam, we delved deeper into the background of Miriam's career. She told us about her first financial ventures and what she learned from them to improve her own career path. Furthermore, she pointed out how these conclusions can help successfully founding one own's startup. #customercentricity

After asking Miriam to elaborate on the startup scene of which she's a very experienced member, we wanted to know more about her perspectives on the FinTech scene. What is currently missing and what requires further development? What will banking look like 10 years from now? Quoting famous Microsoft-CEO Bill Gates, Miriam says "banking is necessary, banks are not", alluding to rapid digitisation processes that are already taking place in the banking industries. In her opinion, banks with physical offices will become more and more redundant in the future. Moreover, she wishes for a "digital financial home" where everything is in one place to unbundle many financial processes - this really requires some development, as she states.

Last but not least, the interview took a broader turn towards digitalisation under pandemic conditions: how have her companies changed as a consequence of the pandemic and which challenges have they faced? To answer the latter: none - or does a shortage in available laptops count? Miriam further explained that generally, it's not only the pandemic that poses a challenge to companies. It's also the European approach to digitalisation that needs to create a balance between enabling and fostering innovation while at the same time protecting data and regulatory laws.

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Fancy some more news about finance?

  1. „The highest-valued private FinTech in Europe confirmed a new equity funding". The global payments provider, retail bank, and shopping service Klarna got $639 million in funding by SoftBank’s Vision Fund 2, with additional participation to support international expansion and further capture global retail growth. 
  2. „The next exciting FinTech companies". Prior to the covid pandemic, FinTechs were growing rapidly. The last year has pushed some companies to their limits - while some have tripled in size! Forbes has listed the 50 most exciting FinTech's. Check them out here
  3. „Congress of El Salvador approved President Nayib Bukele’s proposal to embrace the cryptocurrency“. El Salvador introduces the cryptocurrency Bitcoin as legal currency in the country and forms a partnership with digital wallet firm Strike to build a financial infrastructure using Bitcoin tech. Read more about it here

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For the first time in 27 years, Amazon CEO changes: Andy Jassy replaces Jeff Bezos

Wohlfarth of RatePAY

On 5 July, Andy Jassy becomes the new CEO of online retail giant Amazon. He is replacing Jeff Bezos, CEO of 27 years at the store. Jassy, who has been the CEO of Amazon Web Services for more than two decades, strongly believes in the business ethics of Bezos' and is ready to take Amazon to the next level.

Get to know Andy Jassy in a bit more detail and find out about his plans for Amazon here.


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