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12 Jun 2022 Announcement

MONOM as part of hub.experience


The state-of-the-art spatial sound studio powered by 4DSOUND creates a fully omni-directional sound environment. You do not hear sound coming from speakers: instead, sounds appear in the space as independent physical entities.


There will be two masterclasses held with the Co-Founder and Creative Director of MONOM, William Russell who will take you on a spatial sound journey. Additionally, you will be able to discover artworks to be presented in MONOM studios during our tech festival: 


ŠUR by Shervin Sa

This piece is an algorithmic composition, modeled on various chaotic-attractors, which like many examples in nature, their disordered and cluttering temperament is guided by patterns and deterministic laws, and are highly sensitive to initial conditions. Each section of the piece is based on the interaction between different chaotic models and the instrumentation, generating sonic and spatial events in realtime. In addiction to the generative spatialization, the piece has been spatialized in collaboration with Shehryar Ahmad for the 4DSOUND system.


2182 kHz by Francisca Rocha Gonçalves

2182 kHz focuses on the problem of underwater noise pollution and the concept of “auditory masking”. It offers a sensory exploration of geologic, biological and anthropogenic sounds, revealing the potential challenges aquatic fauna face to communicate. It is inspired by the radio frequency 2182 kHz, one of the international calling and distress frequencies for maritime radio communication. 4DSOUND Sound Spatialization by Shehryar Ahmad.