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09 Sep 2022 Industry News

One in two German companies donates outdated equipment to charity

Proper disposal of outdated equipment and WEEE

When companies discard functioning electrical equipment, in many cases they are given a second life.

According to Bitkom Research, proper disposal, and donations to charities or to employees are the most common practices in Germany.

A majority of 63 percent ensure that WEEE – Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment – is disposed of properly.

The willingness to donate is high as well: Up to 45 percent of companies in Germany leave old electrical equipment to charitable organisations. Used equipment that is still in working order can be handed in to many initiatives or associations, from where it is then passed on to schools, youth groups or people in need. Nature conservation organisations collect old equipment and use the proceeds to fund their projects.

Reselling office hardware equipment can become a more relevant option in the future, too. The market for refurbished computers and laptops is projected to reach multi-million by 2028 (MarketWatch). Regardless of the company's decision, the aspect of sustainability is a key factor to consider. Refurbished IT contributes to lower e-waste in the long run.