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12 Jun 2023 Partner

Partner Content: Run an intelligent, sustainable enterprise - Business Transformation by SAP


Our premium partner SAP is showcasing innovation through interactive tangible technologies at their booth and an array of talks and panels. 

One of the highlights: Sebastian Wieczorek, Vice President Machine Learning of SAP Data Intelligence, will delve into the latest advances in Generative AI and how AI is revolutionizing industries once again, reshaping our lives and work environments. 

This session will provide practical guidance for navigating the abundant opportunities and inherent risks of this exciting new era. Moreover, it will address the ethical and social challenges that arise from the integration of AI. 

Mark your calendar: June 29, 2:10 p.m., Glow Stage 

Another perspective will be brought by the panel discussion between Azadeh Ghaghaie, Director SAP.iO Foundry Berlin, Tino Albrecht and Jan Gutknecht, Founders of the Hypergrowth Catalyst Program Berlin who will discuss and demonstrate startup collaborations and scalable processes under the Title “You’ve got 99 Problems But to Scale Ain’t One”. 

Mark your calendar: June 29, 11:15 a.m., Glow Stage  

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