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01 Dec 2022 Industry News

Policy Recommendations to Strengthen Europe's Global Presence


The FinTech industry is a key driver of innovation and growth in the European economy. As such, it's important for policymakers to consider the needs of this sector as they work to strengthen Europe's position as a global player on the FinTech scene.

What do brilliant minds of the European FinTech industry wish from policymakers? Here are some ideas shared on stage at 2022:

  • To improve efficiency and ease of doing business, FinTech companies in Europe would benefit from a standardised Know Your Customer (KYC) process across the region.

  • Attracting top talent from around the world is essential for driving innovation. Policymakers can support this by optimizing access to the European labor market for international professionals.

  • A competitive tax system can help to encourage business growth and mobility within the EU, beneficial for the industry.

  • By fostering a supportive environment for young professionals, Europe can attract top talent and foster innovation.

If you want to know more, watch the complete session.