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11 Apr 2023 Announcement

Powering a Greener Future: How Battery Innovation is Fueling Sustainable Energy 

Peter Carlsson

Given the need to store renewable energy, often generated intermittently, battery technology is crucial. Storage solutions such as lithium-ion batteries allow energy to be stored when generated and used when needed. As the demand for renewable energy sources increases, manufacturing reliable, sustainable battery technology is essential to support industries such as electromobility, power tools, and stationary applications. 

A growing environmental awareness, resource scarcity, and a strong wish for a more circular economy are some of the factors impacting how innovation comes to life. Integrating them is key to the process of developing sustainable technologies. 

As the world is transitioning to more sustainable, green, and environmentally-friendly prospects, the role of battery technology and innovation will continue to grow in importance. We look forward to hearing the insights of Peter Carlsson, CEO & Founder of Northvolt, which he will share with us at 2023.