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11 May 2023 Announcement

Revving up for a New Reality: 2023 Explores Tomorrow's Mobility

Future Mobility

The future of mobility affects all areas of our modern societies. It connects people and communities, impacts the economy and influences our environment. With tech innovations, mobility has the potential to become more efficient, sustainable and accessible for all. From electric cars and self-driving vehicles to advanced sensors, artificial intelligence and real-time data analytics, the possibilities are endless.

But it's not just about technology. Sustainability is also a crucial aspect of future mobility, as the need for environmentally friendly transport solutions has never been more relevant. Initiatives such as the use of renewable energy sources and the development of low-carbon transport systems are key in this area.

In a world becoming increasingly interconnected, improving accessibility and inclusivity is an additional component of the mobility ecosystem. How to create solutions that benefit everyone, regardless of where people live or their physical abilities? How can these solutions offer an access to safe, reliable and affordable transport?

Rethinking cities and our relationship to urbanisation and rural areas, is not to be ignored. Disruptive ideas for modern urban planning, or initiatives for rural areas and the need for reliable, accessible transport and technology solutions for people living outside urban centres are also part of our tomorrow.

Join us at the forefront of the mobility revolution and get ready for a journey into a new reality at 2023.