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14 Jul 2022 Announcement

These are the Winners of the Innovators' Pitch 2022

Security, Digital Transformation
Winner of the Innovators' Pitch 2022

The Innovators' Pitch is a competition for early-stage startups in Europe. Entrepreneurs get the chance to present their innovative products and prototypes to an expert jury and the audience.

Psoido has been this year's winner in the category Cybersecurity. The startup protects sensitive data and company know-how with unique anonymization and encryption. Their automated methods allow iterative anonymisation of data sets, differentiated analysis of non-traceable virtual IDs, and easy-to-use encryption via „distributed security“.

Stargazr, winner of this year's Enterprise Analytics category, is a no-code simulation software, specifically designed and built for finance teams of manufacturing companies. The software uses a recommendation engine based on prescriptive analytics to send AI-based recommendations to CFOs about how to improve their financial profitability.

The Innovators‘ Pitch will be back on June 28, 2023 at 2023.