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Get the chance to experience what's already possible with the metaverse today. Be ready to explore the digital world and its impact on our economy disrupting the Industry 4.0, the finance & banking sector or the future of retail.

Group 32
Industrial Metaverse

In the Industrial Metaverse, virtual images of real machines and factories are created. These digital twins access the live data of the machines and factories. This opens up new possibilities for remote work, maintenance and training. The efficiency of factories can be increased.

Shopping & Products

In the metaverse lies the next level of online shopping. Products can be presented and examined lifelike and in 3D. In addition, new possibilities open up to offer and buy completely virtual products.


Video calls are not the last evolutionary step in remote collaboration. In immersive 3D worlds, people can collaborate, brainstorm and network almost like in real life.

Finance & Banking

The finance and insurance sector is one of the metaverse pioneers. It already uses virtual spaces for contact with actual and potential customers or for the training and continuing education of its employees.

AR Glasses

With augmented reality glasses suitable for everyday use, the metaverse will enter our everyday lives. They can display virtual content realistically in our field of view and we can interact with it - just like with a real object.


Non-fungible tokens prove digital ownership of art objects, pieces of music, digital fashion and more. Documented immutably on the blockchain, NFTs are an essential part of developments around Web3 and the Metaverse.


Secure storage, transmission and verification of data is essential for the global economy. Blockchain technology stores information in a decentralised, transparent and immutable way, which creates new opportunities and makes us rethink our old methods.