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IDS Association

IDSA is on a mission to create the future of the global, digital economy based on data spaces – a sovereign and trusted system of data sharing in which all participants have control over their data and can realize its full value. We call this data sovereignty.

Data sovereignty: Decide how data gets used. Today, companies collect and store huge amounts of data. IDSA’s standard guarantees data owners to self-determine how, when, in which context and at what price companies may use the data across the value chain.  

Data spaces: Where the future of data happens. Companies hold vast amounts of valuable data that they are unable to safeguard, share or monetize. IDSA’s standard enables data sharing through data spaces. Data spaces follow uniform rules and involve participants through certified connectors: Data providers and recipients can share, consume, and transform data into new value. Data spaces are characterized by trust between their participants – indispensable for sharing data and deriving value from it.