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Voigtmann GmbH is a leading provider of software solutions and services in the field of scalable and privacy-compliant video communication. With the modular video communication suite, companies, authorities and institutions can design and simplify their communication with all reference groups in a user-friendly way. As a secure manual solution, it integrates existing unified communication tools regardless of the operating system and enables secure exchange via video, chat and audio as well as collaborative work on documents. The associated web app brings people together from anywhere and using any device. Voigtmann GmbH is an owner-managed, medium-sized IT system house headquartered in Nuremberg. Core business areas are the development of individual multi-tier software solutions and the operation of IT systems in heterogeneous architectures. Our agile teams have more than 15 years of experience in business and IT transformations. Quality management certified according to EN ISO 9001 is a central part of our company.