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23 Jun 2022 | 13:20 - 13:40 | New Work & Education

ExpertLead: Attracting Top Tech Talent During a Period Of Economic Uncertainty

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The environment for tech startups has fundamentally changed in the last 5 months. After a record-breaking year for VC funding in 2021, global tech stocks have crashed and the tech ecosystem has entered a period of economic uncertainty. A wave of layoffs has hit Europe and several tech giants have had to lay off hundreds of employees and announced further cuts. And yet, the great resignation continues, with workers switching jobs at record levels. This mix of economic uncertainty and high churn rate presents an opportunity for employers. A new talent pool has opened and a lot of top tech talent is once again on the market. But the high number of vacant tech positions suggest that recruiters are struggling to hire candidates. What's going wrong?

In his presentation, Alexander Schlomber-van Doren, founder and MD of Expertlead, provides hands-on tips on how recruiters can succeed in attracting talent and thus turn the tech market downturn into an opportunity. Don't miss the chance to gain some key insights on this hot topic!

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