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23 Jun 2022 | 14:00 - 14:20 | New Work & Education

How Zoom is Creating the Future of Hybrid Work: Secure, Innovative & Culturally Diverse

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Work is no longer a place, it's a space. 

 Zoom serves to empower teams to connect and bring their best ideas to life. We are energized to help lead the evolution to hybrid work that allows greater flexibility, productivity, and happiness to both in-person and virtual connections. 

Only if we understand what the purpose is of having people in the office, companies can make better decisions about hybrid work. 

In this session, Peter Sany explores how to design and manage the hybrid workspace - from a profound cultural change to security aspects and using technology as an enabler to human-centric topics.

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22 Jun 2022 | 11:20 - 11:40
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23 Jun 2022 | 14:40 - 14:55
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