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28 Jun 2023 | 14:40 - 14:55 | Metaverse

Keynote: Industrial Metaverse: Hype or Hope?

Neon Stage

The keynote “Industrial Metaverse – Hype or hope?” by Dr. Annika Hauptvogel, Head of Siemens Technology and Innovation Management, will unveil what business potential the Industrial Metaverse offers to our customers and how it contributes to achieve resource efficiency.
At the Siemens booth, you have the opportunity to discover an Industrial Metaverse Demonstrator to experience how people in industrial production processes will collaborate in the future independent of location solving problems on a virtual basis. The demonstrator is a VR application that maps a real production process at the Siemens equipment factory in Erlangen. You will experience how the Industrial Metaverse application enables a remote service of a broken component and thus prevents machine down time.”
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28 Jun 2023 | 12:00 - 13:30