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22 Jun 2022 | 16:00 - 16:20 | Lifestyle

L'Oréal's Beauty Tech Ambition

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A recently published survey proves: Beauty is not just something we desire, it is something we need. It’s how we express ourselves, how we interact with others and even how we safeguard our health. Beauty has been a vital part of our existence for over 100.000 years and L’Oréal’s passion and purpose for over 110 years. For us, it has always gone beyond mere beauty.

Science and innovation have always been the fundamental pillars to create beauty products that positively impact the world, from the first harmless hair dye that set the foundation of L’Oréal in 1909, to the first soap free-shampoo sold in mass distribution, to the first ever reconstructed human skin. In her keynote, Ramez FARAG will explain how L’Oréal invents the 'Beauty of the Future' while becoming the company of the future.

We’ll learn how the future of beauty should consider the needs and desires of everybody, across the globe, and how the unique portfolio of brands, products and services need to be more responsible and transparent, respecting the planetary boundaries. Ramez gives examples of how companies can do this with the power of game-changing sciences, augmented by cutting-edge technologies.

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22 Jun 2022 | 16:00 - 16:20