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28 Jun 2023 | 12:15 - 13:45 | Scaleups in Europe

Masterclass: Founders Workshop with e-Residency: Kick-Start Your Next EU Business 100% Online

Masterclass/Loft Studio
Masterclass by e-Residency

Did you know that Estonia was in 2014 the first nation in the world to introduce e-Residency, a new concept of a digital ID card available for freelancers, entrepreneurs and startup founders outside the country to allow incorporation and running of EU-based companies 100% online. To-date, Estonia’s e-Residency has attracted 103,000 people including 6,100 German nationals to join the programme. e-Residency is particularly relevant for location independent entrepreneurs, companies with international focus and setups, including many IT-businesses. e-Residency has also helped diversify Estonia’s startup ecosystem with every 3rd Estonian startup having at least one e-resident founder. To-date, 10 unicorn companies ($1 bn valuation) have grown out of Estonia or have been founded by Estonians. Join us for panel discussion with Mats Kuuskemaa, Country Director for Germany, Austria and Switzerland for e-Residency as well as e-Resident founders Tanya Chaikovska (Co-Founder of Salto X), Thabo Mbuyisa (Co-Founder and Product Design Lead at Elaborate Studio) and Martin Nørgaard Gregersen (e-Resident Envoy and Co-Founder and CTO of Sign.Online and Founder of Paradigm Shift).

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29 Jun 2023 | 12:15 - 13:45
Scaleups in Europe
29 Jun 2023 | 11:00 - 13:00
Scaleups in Europe