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22 Jun 2022 | 14:00 - 14:20 | Digital Transformation

Put an End to Data Silos – Enable Better Business Decisions With a True 360° View of Your Company!

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Making sound business decisions requires access to reliable data. But data is typically being stored in different, disparate systems and is difficult to merge. Many companies have introduced data warehouse, data mart or date lake concepts to overcome this hurdle. Unfortunately, the field of vision oftentimes remains limited despite these efforts: Off-the-shelf solutions create data silos that are distributed across all company divisions. In addition, the available data is rarely homogeneous and/or synchronous enough to be used for a comprehensive evaluation. Moreover, many of today’s use cases demand the linking of historical data with transactional data in real time.

Markus Mechnich from InterSystems will show you how this task can be solved with modern data technologies that complement existing IT infrastructures rather than replace them. As a result, companies gain a comprehensive 360° view of all relevant business information across all departments, locations, and systems.

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