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23 Jun 2022 | 12:50 - 14:20 | Retail & Commerce

From Value to Price: Finding Your Innovation's Ideal Price

Riverside Studio 3

Getting the price right is one of the most important decisions for any company. And it’s particularly important for startups and scale-ups that are dependent on driving rapid growth and high valuations. However, innovators often struggle to define the right price points and structures. Pricing can feel like a decision that is too much art and not enough science.  

After working with more than 60 startups, scale-ups and larger companies on their innovation pricing, we have developed a clear, fast and effective step-by-step approach for designing pricing. In this workshop, we will walk you through the steps and show you the factors that should influence your pricing design, so you can capture a fair-share of the value your innovation creates.  

What you will learn:

  • Understand why it is critical for startups to get prices right
  • Outline the key drivers that should influence pricing design
  • Understand the full value (and barriers to value) of your offer
  • 5 things you can do immediately to improve your pricing!