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Adel Al-Saleh

Deutsche Telekom AG Board Member
Adel Al-Saleh

Adel Al-Saleh, born in 1963, nationality American/British, has been a member of the Board of Management of Deutsche Telekom AG since January 2018 with responsibility for the Group's corporate customers unit and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of T-Systems. 

Al-Saleh spent his first 19 professional years working for IBM in various management positions. Most recently, he was Vice President and General Manager, Sales and Industries, IBM Northeast Europe Integrated Operating Team, responsible for IBM's sales across all industries and products. 

Al-Saleh then spent four years as chairman for the Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America regions at IMS Health, a leader in healthcare informatics. 

In December 2011, Al-Saleh joined Northgate as chief executive officer for the Northgate Information Solutions (NIS) group until he moved to Deutsche Telekom. 

Al-Saleh received his Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Boston University in 1987 and his master's degree in graduate business administration from Florida Atlantic University in 1990.

Memberships of supervisory boards required by law or memberships of comparable boards in Germany and abroad:
- BT Group plc, Member of the Board of Directors 

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