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Anita Dordic

Next Big Thing EiR Program Lead

I initially began my professional career as a Project Manager for the European Commission. Soon after, I became a Commercial Manager, a position that I held for several years, at various companies throughout my career (IBM and E.ON).

Following this, I joined Next Big Thing AG (NBT) as a Venture Developer where I am now responsible for the Entrepreneur in Residence program. Nowadays, I build, innovate, and co-create new startups with an amazing team of Venture Developers and EiRs leveraging the innovative venture studio framework. I consider myself a relentless innovation seeker, someone who is trying to understand the bigger picture and find a way how to improve things or challenge many of society's status quos.

I'm extremely passionate about IoT and digitalization in general. I love working with aspiring founders who seek to build solutions that customers love, want & need!