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Anna Alex

Planetly CEO

In the past seven years, Anna Alex has successfully built the personal shopping service OUTFITTERY – from scratch to 1 million happy customers in 8 countries.

Since late 2018 Anna Alex has left the operational business but continues to support the company as a board member. During summer 2019, Anna Alex joined “Leaders for Climate Action”, a climate protection initiative launched by more than 100 digital entrepreneurs in Germany. Inspired by the initiative’s goals to counter the climate crisis with actions and clear demands, Anna Alex realized that a missing element in fighting the climate crisis is the lack of transparency and necessary tools within companies. This is why she founded her new company. ‍ Anna Alex studied economics, sociology and psychology in Freiburg and Paris and started her career at the startup incubator Rocket Internet. Throughout her career she was voted amongst Europe’s “Inspiring Fifty”, the "most inspirational women in tech“ and „Junge Elite – Top 40 unter 40″.