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Aya Jaff

CoDesign Factory Founder
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The Bold Perspective of a Young Digital Pioneer - A Vision of the Future | Aya Jaff |


Aya Jaff is a 23 year old entrepreneur and author of the book „MONEYMAKERS“.

Wanting to mix her love for finance and tech, she taught herself how to code and supported a non-profit organization through her role as CTO. “Tradity“ aims to gamify education and teach young people how to invest in stocks. After her time at tradity she worked alongside famous investor Tim Draper and researched for Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. Aya is also strong advocate for Girls in STEM and mentors young coders at countless events. She has won many scholarships that enabled her to travel around the world, such as Silicon Valley, Dublin and Madrid. She doesn’t code as much since founding the CoDesign Factory, a consulting firm that sends teams of scientists, influencers, programmers and other experts out to help companies develop digital projects.