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Beth Havinga

Connect EdTech CEO

Beth Havinga is the Managing Director of the European EdTech Alliance and the EdSAFE AI Alliance. Beth currently serves on the Digitisation Council of the state of Berlin in Germany, is chair of the advisory board of Kids.Digilab.Berlin, and serves on the international advisory boards of both CoSN and ISTE. Beth represents the EEA in the EdTech Roundtable of the European Commission, UNESCO’s Broadband Commission and the Digital Transformation Commission, and consults to the Council of Europe on the topic of AI and education. Previously, Beth has served on the special board of the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economics in Austria, as an expert in the field of “digitalisation in apprenticeships", and as a member of the expert Platform, "Digital Future: Learning. Researching. Knowledge" of the German Digital Summit by invitation of the German federal Minister for Education. 

Beth has considerable experience developing interoperability standards frameworks, and is chairwoman of the DIN learning technologies group and represents Germany as head delegate to the European Committee for Standardization of Interoperability for Learning Technologies and EdTech.

In addition to creating her own consulting firm, Beth has taught in schools, managed 
education software and publishing houses, founded two startups, and worked in over 45 countries.