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Christopher Kränzler

Lengoo CEO
Christopher Kränzler

After finishing his studies at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Columbia University focusing on Data Science, Christopher returned to Germany in 2016 to found the language tech company Lengoo. Lengoo’s technology HALOSⓇ combines custom multi-lingual & multi-modal language models with closed expert feedback loops and constantly outcompetes the solutions of US tech giants. With its productivity app Flow and a powerful API, Lengoo supports global industry leaders in unlocking the potential of their proprietary enterprise data in compliance with highest EU security and IP protection standards. Headquartered in Berlin, Lengoo counts 100+ employees in 6 European countries and has raised €30M+ in venture capital. Christopher holds a seat in the Board of Directors of bitkom and is an avid speaker on the topics of AI and digitalization. In his free time, you can find him taking his bright red motorbike for a spin.