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Dr Caroline Löbhard

Goldmarie Finanzen CEO

Dr Caroline Löbhard is the founder and CEO of Goldmarie Finanzen GmbH. The green fintech company is developing a web platform for consistently ecologically and socially oriented investments, which are tailored to the individual investment goals of private investors using modern mathematical methods. The startup has, for example, been awarded the BMWK Start-Up Prize for Digital Innovations and has been part of the K.I.E.Z. (Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneurship Center) Accelerator Program. It is also supported by IBB through the Pro FIT Financing program. Prior to founding the company, Dr. Caroline Löbhard conducted research as a scientist at the Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics in the field of mathematical optimization and taught mathematics courses in basic education at Humboldt University in Berlin.