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Dr Greg Ainslie-Malik

Splunk Inc. Staff Machine Learning Architect

Dr Greg Ainslie-Malik is a Machine Learning Architect at Splunk, where he helps customers develop and deliver machine learning enabled capabilities as well as supporting Splunk Machine Learning product teams with insight and feedback from customers. 

Examples of this include: building applications with universities that predict student outcomes based on their interactions with digital learning platforms such as Blackboard; helping major financial organisations develop machine learning enabled cyber threat detection capabilities; or working with healthcare trusts to analyse patient flow for bad management purposes.
As well as working directly with customers he also supports partners, such as the World Economic Forum, to help draft guidance on how to assess and use AI capabilities responsibly. He is also a key proponent for Machine Learning across the UK at Splunk, speaking at conferences such as SplunkLive!, higher education user groups, and CIO events about the application and risks of using AI.
Prior to working at Splunk he spent a number of years with Deloitte and before that BAE Systems Detica working as a data scientist. Before getting a proper job he spent a long time at university collecting degrees in mathematics, including a PhD on “Mathematical Analysis of PWM Processes”.