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Dr Matthias Brunner

tsenso Managing Partner

Dr Matthias Brunner is Founder and Managing Partner of tseno.


After 10 year in the development, sales and marketing of automotive sensors at Robert Bosch, Matthias founded tsenso to improve cool chain management by using IoT devices and Big Data Algorithms. To satisfy the growing consumer demand for transparency, he developed the concept of FreshIndex, a revolutionary approach to food safety to replace traditional static expiry dates and to increase trust in the true conditions of food. FreshIndex provides full traceability of food handling conditions and reliable dynamic shelf-life information build on data driven digital twin computing.

Matthias received his Ph.d in statistical physics. He is an outstanding conceptual scientist with numerous publications, for which he received the “Claude Dornier“ award for applied research. He is passionate about lifting research results to product level for reducing global food waste and to make keep this planet safe for our children. He lives with his family in Stuttgart, Germany.