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Dr med. Enise Lauterbach

LEMOA medical Founder & CEO

Dr Enise Lauterbach is an M.D. and entrepreneur, who founded LEMOA medical in 2020. 

She is a board-certified cardiologist specialized in electrophysiology and heart failure treatment. In 2018, she successfully established and directed an ambulatory cardiac rehabilitation clinic. Summer 2019, she decided to move out of clinical medicine and into digitization medicine. She took to founding a startup and developed two apps, one to facilitate secure communication in healthcare, ‘CONSIL!UM’, and a second, ‘Herz-Held’, to monitor and empower patients suffering from heart failure. She has presented at dozens of conferences on digital transformation and the future of medicine. In 2020, she was chosen as one of 100 women of the year 2020 by Focus magazine and in 2021, she was ranked in Handelsblatt as one of 100 women in Germany, who are driving the future and the country forward. Last year, she received the prestigious Emotion Award in the category ‘female founder’.
She lives with her husband and co-founder, and her two children in Trier, Germany’s oldest city.