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Florian Buschbacher

EY Partner
Florian Buschbacher

Florian Buschbacher graduated with a diploma in Tax and Auditing. Prior that he developed the first intranet ERP system and had huge experiance in penetration testing.

After graduating Florian joined a Big 4 company to establish the Forensic Technology practice. After working 15 years in the Forensic Technology practice with a huge number of projects applying Artificial intelligence and NLP he was asked to lead the development for the Tax practice. As a person who has knowledge and experiance in processes, controls and data management as well as in applying AI within self developed software tools he is now responsible for all solutions within EMEIA. He contributed several times in the development of Bitkoms Guidlines and acted as a project leader for AI (Entscheidungsunterstützung mit künstlicher Intelligenz). You may also find several publications and videos.