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Ira Stoll

myScribe CEO, Co-Founder, Physician

Working as a physician in the specialty of urology, Ira Stoll realized early on that much of a physician's work time must be spent on documentation rather than patient care. The reason for this is outdated and user-unfriendly hospital information systems. Many of her colleagues have left the medical profession because of this, but Ira Stoll didn't want to avoid the problem; she wanted to solve it for her colleagues and herself. That's why she developed the myScribe app together with software architect Lars Stoll and AI expert Hussein Alhasan. Currently, she is working as CEO in her own GmbH as part of an EXIST founder scholarship and was able to win both the MEXI Gründerpreis Mannheim and pre-seed funding for myScribe. She will not return to the clinic until the myScribe software is used there, so that she can finally work as a doctor and not as a secretary.