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Klaas Bollhoefer

Birds on Mars Founder & Chief Strategist
BAS20 | Speaker - Klaas Bollhoefer

Klaas Bollhoefer is Founder and Chief Strategist of Birds on Mars, a next generation consulting company and AI agency based in Berlin, highly specialized in data and artificial intelligence.

Every day the birds build innovative enterprise solutions that combine human creativity, machine intelligence and organizational identity. Klaas has been chief data scientist & evangelist with The unbelievable Machine Company (*um) for more than 6 years, pioneering data science in Germany, Europe and beyond. Always in-between, at the interfaces of business, IT, artificial intelligence and design he describes himself as a for-, side- and backward thinker. The time left is filled with lightning talks, guest lectures, program committee chairs and craft brewing. Klaas is a certified scrum master, design thinker, mediator and coach and will never stop being curious.