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Markus Peuler

NEXR Technologies SE CEO

“The metaverse is more than NFTs and VR headsets; with its full potential, it can benefit business and society to elevate the human experience globally, already today!” 

Markus Peuler is the CEO of NeXR Technologies SE, who develop next-generation B2B solutions for the Metaverse, such as lifelike avatars and interactive virtual event environments. Previously, Markus spent more than four years in the sports industry as CFO and later as CEO of mybet. From 2004 to 2014, Markus gained key insights into the German Tech startup scene by building Jamba, a mobile entertainment platform. In his role as CFO, Markus helped grow the organization from 300 to almost 800 people and led the expansion into more than 35 countries with millions of users worldwide by building the necessary finance and back office structure. Before his tenure at Jamba, Markus was an auditor at Deloitte.