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Michal Kachel

The House of Code CEO

Michal, a CEO and software engineer at The House Of Code, is a passionate advocate for fully tested, maintainable, and world-class quality mobile and web applications. With a focus on automation and agility in the development process, he consistently delivers exceptional results.

From his early days as a teenager building websites, Michal's journey led him to become a highly skilled software engineer during his studies at the  Cracow University of Technology. With a pursuit of excellence, he has gained expertise in developing cutting-edge mobile applications across diverse industries such as tourism, logistics, telecommunication, and maritime.

Michal's professional career has taken him across various organisational environments, including Krakow, London, and Amsterdam. Throughout his journey, he has gained invaluable experience working on complex projects and collaborating with talented teams.

Driven by his passion and desire to make his vision a reality, Michal founded The House Of Code, a thriving software organisation. With a team of like-minded individuals, they share a common goal of delivering exceptional software solutions. The House Of Code is your trusted partner for all your software development needs.