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Mirco Bharpalania

Deutsche Lufthansa Senior Director Data, Analytics and Middleware
Mirco Bharpalania

Mirco Bharpalania is responsible for Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Management, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, API Management and Middleware for the core business of Lufthansa – Lufthansa Airlines, Swiss and Austrian.

In this role he is responsible for the management of all relevant data (customer, sales, operations) up to generating insights out of this data through advanced analytics, BI or AI with teams in Frankfurt, Vienna and Zurich. During his 14 years at Lufthansa Group he has been in charge of several management positions including IT Governance and Strategy of Lufthansa Airlines. In his last role he was responsible for the IT applications for the worldwide ground operations processes of Lufthansa. Mirco Bharpalania holds a German University Degree in Business Computer Science from Technical University Darmstadt.