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Omar Ali Fdal

Statice CEO

Omar Ali Fdal is the CEO of Statice, a Berlin-based state-of-the-art data privacy technology provider for health, insurance & banking companies.

Since the beginning of his career, Omar has focused on creating products that unlock the value of data. Aware that there must be a better way to utilize secondary data, he joined his future co-founders Mikhail Dyakov and Sebastian Weyer, who had just begun to develop synthetic data generation software. The idea was to give an efficient privacy-preserving tool to anyone who needed to work with data. As a former engineer, Omar was always motivated by building products that solve major problems. This was and still is the mission of Statice, which he co-founded in January 2018. Prior to founding Statice, Omar worked as a Research Engineer in the field of Search & Data Mining for several companies such as the Amadeus IT Group, based in France. He co-founded Hupp, an urban mobility startup in France. Omar holds a master’s degree in Computer Science.