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Simone Lis

MatchlabN Founder

Simone Lis is the founder of MatchlabN and a corporate innovation expert who has dedicated herself to unraveling the fascinating interplay between technology and humanity. For over a decade, she has grappled with a thought-provoking question: What does it mean to be human in a digital-driven world, and what skillset and mindset do we need to lead in the future of work?

In 2011, the native Swabian packed her bags and embarked on a daring adventure to Silicon Valley, bidding farewell to her comfortable management career in Germany. California became her new home, and she quickly established herself as a communication expert, playing a vital role in opening Airbnb's first international office in Germany. Additionally, Simone established the West Coast Office for Mandalah, a global purpose-driven innovation consultancy.

Fast forward to today, Simone Lis is designing "Innovation Journeys" that transport global CEOs to the heart of California's vibrant tech scene. Through these immersive learning experiences, she connects these leaders with groundbreaking startups and imparts them the coveted "Silicon Valley mindset." But Simone's impact doesn't stop there.

During the pandemic, when many, women in corporate got forced to leave the workforce, she launched the empowering "Future-Ready Woman" program - a remote, community-driven initiative  that fosters professional development. Within this upskilling program, she skillfully blends unique human qualities like emotional intelligence with essential digital skills, or as she calls it, "The Digital Fluency Method."

Simone's mission is to inspire more women in corporate settings, by cultivating their "future-ready" mindset. Her aim is to champion their visibility, appreciation, and recognition in their roles. These women, armed with their newfound superpowers, become innovation agents, effectively leveraging technology to craft their futures and infuse our world with a more human touch.