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Zoë Andreae

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Advancing Legal Tech - The Disruption of an Industry | Zoë Andreae | Kaisa Kromhof |


Zoe Andreae, 25, is a young entrepreneur in the legal tech space, having taken over the family's legal software business in Hamburg at the age of 23.

In between her business studies at EBS University, ESADE Business School, the London School of Economics and St. Gallen University, she gained international work experience in venture capital, global venture development, digital and strategy consulting all over the world. Besides her current role as CEO, she actively engages in devising innovative and competitive strategies for her software company by taking courses such as Disruptive Strategy at the Harvard Business School and by enrolling in the one-year Stanford Graduate School of Business LEAD Certificate Program in Corporate Innovation. In 2018, Ms Zoe Andreae was named Woman of Legal Tech 2018, for her pioneering Master Thesis on Legal Tech Startups and their role in the Digital Transformation of the German Legal Industry and her efforts in advancing the legal tech scene in Europe.