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Emerging Tech

Emerging Tech

Still in the explorative phase, emerging technologies give us a sneak peek into the future of our digital societies. The use cases are endless and even the pioneers behind disruptive technologies cannot always foresee the impact their idea will have on industries, processes and business models tomorrow.

Stroke 1

Secure storage, transmission and verification of data is essential for the global economy. Blockchain technology stores information in a decentralised, transparent and immutable way, which creates new opportunities and makes us rethink our old methods.

Web 3 & Metaverse

At the core of Web3 are the decentralisation of power and the creation of digital property. Web3 technologies are enablers for the metaverse, which soon will connect all virtual worlds into one seamlessly integrated digital space.


Non-fungible tokens prove digital ownership of art objects, pieces of music, digital fashion and more. Documented immutably on the blockchain, NFTs are an essential part of developments around Web3 and the Metaverse.


Quantum computers can find solutions to previously unsolvable, time- and resource-intensive problems. Their use will lead to disruptive competitive advantages and in the future will make a major contribution to digital sovereignty.