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While businesses profit greatly from the digital transformation, citizens notice most developments through a change in their lifestyle. New forms of workplaces, health care, entertainment and gadgets make digitalisation tangible, while the digital self becomes more connected to services offered by businesses and governments.

Group 12
Digital Self

Everyday activities are rapidly shifting into the digital world. Proving identity, building trust and ensuring security are the main tasks for a sustainable digital version of one’s self.

Digital Health

There is an immense scope for use of tech solutions as improving the health of populations remains a global challenge. Digital receipts, online consultations and machine learning in healthcare are some of the promising innovations for an industry at the core of our societies.

New Work & Education

Through digital transformation, workspaces and job profiles are changing fundamentally. Digital skills and life-long education have never been more important. In return, technologies such as AI and learning analytics enrich and individualise learning paths for children and adults alike.


E-Sports has quickly established itself as a stand-alone competition category – among gamers anyway, but also among the general population. Luxurious awards, coverage in mainstream media and high accessibility will make the industry become even bigger in the future.


Wearables are a booming consumer technology. Smartwatches, fitness trackers, intelligent insoles and other items have become firmly established already. They help users to improve their fitness, navigate the world and keep in touch with their peers.