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Policy 2


The question of how we preserve the ability to act in a self-determined manner in the digital world applies to governmental, entrepreneurial and individual action. Fostering research and innovation in the digital age as well as embedding technological changes in a political framework ensures progress and stability for our (intra)connected economies.

Group 33
Digital Sovereignty

A sovereign digital industry sources its power from independency and self-determination. Digitally sovereign countries can become global innovators, design new standards and maintain a stable position in the world-wide competition of technologies.

Cloud & GAIA-X

An independent cloud and data infrastructure is indispensable for securing Europe's long-term digital sovereignty. GAIA-X is to take a central role in uniting independent European cloud services into a strong, reliable and secure infrastructure.

Data Spaces

Data spaces build bridges between traditionally unrelated companies and sectors. They enable data-driven decision-making, innovative business models, and Europe’s digital transformation in general. Building such bridges will turn the enormous potential of the data economy into a tangible reality that works for everyone.

Inclusion & Diversity

Numerous studies and the experiences of successful companies show that diversity is a crucial success factor for organisations. This is especially true in the digital industry, which is characterised by rapid change and innovation. Diverse perspectives allow companies to better keep up with modern challenges.