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Technologies are a central instrument against climate change. They have enormous potential to optimize our use of natural resources, to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit the ecological impact of human activity. But tackling this global challenge can only be achieved through a joint effort of politics, businesses and society.

Group 15

Whole new business models have emerged from the goal of being environmentally friendly. Innovation all along the supply chain aims to make the way we produce, consume and dispose of everyday goods, greener.

Smart Grids

The energy transition is in full swing and fossil-fueled power plants are being replaced by millions of small-scale plants generating electricity from renewable energies. Linking the generation, consumption and storage of electricity into one flexible system, Smart Grids are a key driver behind this development.

Smart City

Be it through intelligent mobility solutions, digitalised energy production or more efficient governance – Smart City technologies have a positive impact on cities and rural areas alike. Connected neighbourhoods are more sustainable and provide a greater quality of life.

Future Mobility

Mobility is becoming more diverse and intertwined, both privately and for business. The change in the mobility behaviour of users entails a wide reorientation: Sharing concepts, autonomous vehicles and intelligent freight and passenger transport are just a fraction of what’s to come in the mobility revolution.


Today, sensors provide measurable data about plants and animals, drones map fields and robots take over everyday tasks in the barn. With the Internet of Things, machine learning and big data, FoodTech is breaking new ground and changing the way we deal with nutrition – from farm to fork.

Retail & Commerce

Keeping up with the trends of digitalisation is indispensable for all retailers, online and offline. The opportunities in online shopping – from ordering, payment and information technologies to smart logistics and better customer service – are immense.